Saturday, December 29, 2012

New designers in Trieste: Ludovica

Hello girls today I want to show you some of the creations of a young designers Ludovica, from Trieste!
Her creations are made from recycled materials, eco leather, studs and small nails.
What do you think about!
I find them beautiful...

A mini post about the look of my friend Valentina

I love her smile! ^_^

Enjoy it!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Street Style: Andrea

You know that I love to take the pictures from the street and today I want to show you this perfect male style. What do you think about!?

Pictures by Michael Degrassi

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My next purchase on

Turning the web I found this very interesting e-shop that perhaps many of you already know, for me it was a real find.
It is a company dedicated to the distribution of  wholesale clothing from China clothing and accessories really original and trendy. Within their go find not only new products, but also clothes for different occasions.

The research is really simple and I have not done a hard time finding evening dresses 2013 for my holidays or my outings.

The dresses are really fantastic .. while I bought something for my boyfriend...

The prices are really affordable and convenient, but if you want to play it safe there is a space dedicated to wholesale ladies clothing 

Take a look and let me know what you think .... waiting for your many comments ...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Green Project

H & M launches on a global scale, a project for the collection of used clothing. 
The initiative will begin in February 2013 in H & M stores in all 48 markets.

From next February, customers can return their used clothing in H & M stores in 
48 markets where the brand is present.

"Our commitment is implemented in the field of sustainable both socially and on 
the environment. We want to contribute to environmental protection, which is 
why we offer our customers the opportunity to leave their old clothes in the 
stores H & M, "says Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H & M.

Thanks to this initiative, customers of H & M will help to conserve natural
resources and at the same time, limiting the amount of textile waste, reduce
environmental impact.
It will be possible to deliver items of any brand and any condition, and in return,
 the customer will receive, for each bag of used clothing, a voucher worth € 5 and is valid for a minimum charge of € 40.
I: Collect, partner of H & M in this project, manage, through its structure, 
all operations that will return the used garments a new life.

H & M aims to find technical solutions that make it possible to reuse and recycle
 the fibers on a large scale and this is the reason why he founded the
Conscious Foundation: to support research and innovation throughout the value
chain H & M.

H&M  lancia, su scala mondiale, un progetto per la raccolta di abiti usati. 
L’iniziativa partirà a Febbraio 2013nei punti vendita H&M in tutti i 48 mercati.
A partire dal prossimo febbraio, i clienti potranno consegnare i loro capi 
usati nei punti vendita H&M nei 48 mercati in cui il marchio è presente.
“Il nostro impegno in ambito sostenibile si attua sia sul piano sociale sia su 
quello ambientale. Vogliamo contribuire alla tutela dell’ambiente, ecco perché 
offriamo ai nostri clienti la possibilità di lasciare i loro abiti usati nei punti 
vendita H&M”, dichiara Karl-Johan Persson, CEO di H&M.
Grazie a questa iniziativa, la clientela di H&M contribuirà a salvaguardare le
risorse naturali e al tempo stesso, limitando la quantità di rifiuti tessili,
a ridurre l’impatto ambientale.
Sarà possibile consegnare capi di qualsiasi marca e in qualsiasi condizione; 

in cambio, il cliente riceverà, per ogni borsa di indumenti usati, un buono sconto 
del valore di € 5 e valido per una spesa minima di 40 €.
I:Collect, partner di H&M in questo progetto, gestirà, attraverso la propria struttura, 
tutte le operazioni che permetteranno di restituire ai capi usati una nuova vita.
H&M si propone di trovare delle soluzioni tecniche che permettano di riutilizzare e
 riciclare le fibre tessili su ampia scala ed è questa la ragione per cui ha fondato la 
Conscious Foundation: per supportare la ricerca e l’innovazione lungo tutta la catena 
del valore di H&M.