Saturday, September 10, 2011

A new designer from Italy : Alberto Carlo

Looking for the latest news from Venice Film Festival, I came across an emerging designer, who, despite his young age he began to have its first results with the more important italian celebrities , first of all Monica Bellucci.


The presence of haute couture designer Alberto Carlo Varnier Piotti at the 68th Venice film festival continues to gain attraction among the guests, while entertaining themselves on the terrace along the beach of Lido di Venezia close to the Palazzo di cinema. 
At the evening red carpet event a gala dinner was held in honor of Monica Bellucci and the cast of "Un été brulant" directed by Philippe Garrel.
The actress has enjoyed the creations of the young designer from Friuli and confided the interest of being dressed by him for the whole of 2012. 
"A real honor for me and my staff" - said Mr Varnier who worked day and night to create for Bellucci a gala dress in silk tulle fully embroidered in silk thread and dubbed rigorously dark, for a lady of strong character and extremely sensual. 
"Appraisals" both from the international fashion designer Laura Biagiotti and renowned fashion TV  presenter Jo Squillo who was present with her staff from TVModa and their "fashion night" show.

Also present many familiar faces such as Madalina Ghenea, Denny Mendez, Carlo Rossella, Alfonso Signorini, Giulia Ridente and Serbian top model Nina Senicar. 

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